The Location Analysis at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede is an experimental image of the studios. with the remains of the projects of previous artist groups and an observation of traces of the current artist group on site.

In the process, the dynamics of the current artist group was considered. The traces of garbage, material, toys or tobacco tell of the coexistence of many people in a small space for a compressed time. The assorted wall full of samples and small objects becomes an important study as well as the banal image of human community.

Also, a series of sculptures has been created, which refer to the surrounding countryside and translate into the language of the artists' houses. The atmosphere in the rooms was immortalized on a staircase as "access only for the crazy" and serves as a framework for the object-like transfer of impression into artwork. The existing site was seen as a field of conflict of agriculture in opposition (or to each other?) To the experimental, wild and perhaps sometimes revolutionary work of artists. As a place burning at the thought, construction sites become playgrounds and corn is harvested next door.

analysis: worpswede

installation/material wallpainting/location analysis