Installation, 2017-2019, Latex gloves

Latex gloves are an emotionally charged material. They protect nurses from infections. You hold cleaning equipment from the hands of a cleaning force. At the same time, latex flashes thoughts of eroticism and becomes an accessory for prostitutes.


Healer. Housekeeper. Whore.

An object that brings together three cliché-laden women and reflects our understanding of classic women's work, which in many eyes is not really work. The glove is the common denominator of lack of appreciation, poor pay and hard, physical work of the three professions. 

The installation cataract plays with the poles of association. While the installation initially fills the room with a quiet aesthetic, hundreds of hands of working women are woven together. Also, the knotting of the individual curtain strands is reminiscent of craft, which is referred to as women's work. 

Installation views: mom ART space, 2021, photo: Helge Mundt - Kunstverein Erlangen, Frappant Hamburg, Fabrik der Künste, photos: Simone Karl