The installation Reflection on Green is a self-reflective system that deals with the past, present and possible future of the power plant. In a gathering of the found objects of the power plant area, the installation expands through the space. The green screen offers an open space for all possibilities of the power plants future. Creative quarter, temporary use, vacancy, living space? The green wasteland can be used with infinite possibilities.

Green as an interchangeable projection screen.
Green as a symbol of liveliness.

The work plays with the poles of factual research and emotional artistic work. Research, sample collection, tracking and observing are meeting the playful work that is constantly in the process. While the place is clearly considered in its historical sequence, the objects found on the spot are elusive. Due to the multiple temporary use in the past, the objects of the installation no longer have any original meaning.
A detached situation arises in which the meaning, history and dynamics of the power plant are repeatedly thought through. Old photos flicker across the walls. Bricks, coal, soap, glass, gravel, plants, contaminated soil. The elements of the place are presented in the form of samples for viewing. Technology and research meet experiment and artistic expression.

reflection on green

installation/location analysis


Kraftwerk Bille